Price Target Media becomes Top 100 Agency

QMO Designation
One of the top law firms in North America designated the IR Agency a Qualified Media Outlet.
Small Cap Focus.
Following its Designation, the Agency is making itself available to small and micro cap companies who need specialized investor relations services.
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Price Target Media Sponsors Financial Forum

May 9, 2011 (Price Target Media) Carson City, NV - Price Target Media, a full-service investor relations agency specializing in retail investor outreach services sponsored the first-ever financial forum for publishers of financial newsletters, which is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Mirage Hotel on May 10th starting at 2pm. The Forum, which runs in conjunction to The Money Show at the neighboring Caesers Hotel and Casino, is open to publishers by invitation only.

The goal of the Financial Forum was to bring together financial publishers to discuss in a closed-setting ways in which they could improve their services. Topics to be covered are email deliverability, marketing and networking.

"As one of the few Qualified Media Outlet (QMO) -designated investor relations agencies in North America, we felt the need to bring those financial publishers our agency works with closer together in order to improve the services they provide to our customers. What better way to do that than to host a forum?" said Eric Stevenson, President, Price Target Media. "The publishers being invited are deemed QMO Affiliates when they work on our client companies behalf and so to better serve our clients, as well as what we like to call our Financial Syndicate, we felt they would respond willingly to an opportunity of this magnitude."

In addition to a two-hour educational discussion period, attendees will also be presented by customers of Price Target Media where they will get a chance to meet face-to-face with the companies they are contracted to represent. Attending the Presentation will be Gryphon Gold Corp. and Tanke Biosciences Corp.

"Most of the problems small companies run into is in working with so-called investor relations providers who either lack the skills and knowledge needed to comply with the regulatory bodies or who overlook them entirely in deploying investor awareness campaigns that end up causing problems for the companies they represent," stated Stevenson. "It's small companies who need proper guidance the most in order to avoid the pitfalls and problems that occur. We feel our services are badly needed in the small cap investor relations sector and that's why we've decided to focus on helping those companies by hosting this Forum in the hope that our Financial Syndicate will come away with more knowledge and ideas on how to better serve our clientele."

As a QMO, Price Target Media can discern between valid means of reaching investors without risk of violating the Rules and Regulations. To assure its customers that PTM can deliver, it has developed a process whereby information being disseminated is under constant scrutiny for accuracy and truthfulness when deploying investor awareness campaigns in behalf of its customers. The Financial Syndicate performs under the same guidelines as Price Target Media when retained, so it is the goal of our Agency to provide those QMO Affiliates with educational guidance and direction - which is the concept behind the Forum we're hosting in Las Vegas.

Price Target Media has organized a syndicate of over 34 financial newsletters in the United States and Canada whose attention to detail, quality writing skills and adherence to securities rules and regulations are foremost in consideration - as well as true opt-in subscriber bases whose lists were validated over several months of due diligence that provide, on average, open rates of 20% or more. No financial publication is considered without first agreeing to a rigorous due diligence of their subscriber base and review of their disclosure information for adherence to Securities Rules and Regulations. Writing style, frequency of publication and backgrounds of principals are also taken into account.

"Price Target Media tries to develop long-term investor relations strategies in order to reach different classes of investors as its customers' businesses grow," said Stevenson. "Through our step-up development programs, PTM can shift its customers' investor relations approach to match its needs. Only a Qualified Media Outlet could provide such a long-term, powerful approach to developing an investor relations strategy for its customers and we're excited to be able to bring these unique services to the small cap community."

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