Price Target Media becomes Top 100 Agency

QMO Designation
One of the top law firms in North America designated the IR Agency a Qualified Media Outlet.
Small Cap Focus.
Following its Designation, the Agency is making itself available to small and micro cap companies who need specialized investor relations services.
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Price Target Media Designated a Qualified Media Outlet

October 25, 2010 (Price Target Media) Carson City, NV - The law firm of Dorsey & Whitney designated Price Target Media, Inc. a Qualified Media Outlet (QMO) while negotiating the terms of the investor relations agency's contract with a TSX-listed company. In describing Price Target Media as a QMO in that agreement the prestigious law firm took into consideration the background of its management in both press relations and securities law.

The Designation is held by less than 100 investor relations agencies in both the United States and Canada and instantly propelled Price Target Media (PTM) into the big leagues as an agency capable of working on listed exchange companies investor relations needs, yet PTM has chosen to provide its unique skill set to small, growing companies as a niche investor relations service provider.

"We're proud to carry the QMO Designation and feel small companies need the same kind of experience and capabilities that large cap companies enjoy through other QMO's," said Eric Stevenson, President, Price Target Media. "That's why our Agency is focusing on providing those skill sets to publicly listed companies in both Canada and the United States."

While there are no Rules outlined in either U.S. or Canadian securities law that describes QMO's in the investor relations sector, Agencies of that designation are looked upon preferentially by regulators as well as listed exchanges. This distinction can provide small cap companies a benefit in today's complex world of investor relations services.

"Most of the problems small companies run into is in working with so-called investor relations providers who either lack the skills and knowledge needed to comply with the regulatory bodies or who overlook them entirely in deploying investor awareness campaigns that end up causing problems for the companies they represent," stated Stevenson. "It's small companies who need proper guidance the most in order to avoid the pitfalls and problems that occur. We feel our services are badly needed in the small cap investor relations sector and that's why we've decided to focus on helping those companies."

As a QMO, Price Target Media can discern between valid means of reaching investors without risk of violating the Rules and Regulations. To assure its customers that PTM can deliver, it has developed a process whereby information being disseminated is under constant scrutiny for accuracy and truthfulness when deploying investor awareness campaigns in behalf of its customers.

Price Target Media has organized a syndicate of over 22 financial newsletters in the United States and Canada whose attention to detail, quality writing skills and adherence to securities rules and regulations are foremost in consideration - as well as true opt-in subscriber bases whose lists were validated over several months of due diligence that provide, on average open rates of 20% or more. No campaign is permitted without first reviewing their editorial write-ups for accuracy and compliance before it is approved for publication to their subscribers.

In addition to its financial newsletter syndicate, Price Target Media has obtained an exclusive marketing agreement for Custom News Channels in the United States and Canada, which can be used to expand investor awareness campaigns to targeted investors by industry grouping or topics of interest, virtually reaching more than 90% of the online news audience on hundreds of top newspaper websites, leading financial portals and network television websites.

Through its press contacts, Price Target Media is able to arrange feature news articles in both trade magazines and newspaper websites that expand and enhance its investor relations capabilities in branding its customers names with readers in both the U.S. and Canada.

"Price Target Media tries to develop long-term investor relations strategies in order to reach different classes of investors as its customers' businesses grow," said Stevenson. "Through our step-up development programs, PTM can shift its customers' investor relations approach to match its needs. Only a Qualified Media Outlet could provide such a long-term, powerful approach to developing an investor relations strategy for its customers and we're excited to be able to bring these unique services to the small cap community."

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