Our Advantages

  • Cost-effective execution
  • Value interpretation
  • Media expertise
  • Regulatory knowledge
  • Cross-border resources
  • Flexible campaign programs
  • Financial contacts
investor relations experience

Why People Choose Us

Unparalleled knowledge of investor relations brand awareness and media exposure capabilities is what sets Price Target Media apart from the competition. We find the story in each client that makes them standout amongst their competitors and then build upon our various financial outreach capabilities to deliver.

  • Creative writing
  • Trade magazine feature publication
  • News coverage
  • Investment banking referral
  • Nationwide radio interviews
  • Strategic planning
  • Direct mail
  • Shareholder communications
  • Video production
  • Email campaigns
  • Network TV news interviews
  • Research reports

Our Principles

Our investor relations programs are designed to deliver value, and we're dedicated to seeing they do, from concept to execution - every time.

Dedicated professionals guide our investor relations services knowing every client deserves the best representation possible.


investor relations recommendation "Cutting edge, its one of the best planned structures we have ever been involved with. Some of the major agencies are looking at doing the same thing; only they're talking about it rather than deploying it." - Bob Cloutier, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Walter Karl/Info USA - a division of Donnelley Marketing

Our Capabilities

Value Interpretation
We find the "sweet spot" in our clients business direction, communicating that value to investors - no matter what media format being used.
Creative writing
Deliverable impact balanced with simplicity of description will capture investor interest.
Media planning
Matching the right campaign resource to our clients, we deploy a variety of methods to reach investors.
Cost-effective execution
Budget-conscious investor campaigns return measurable results.