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QMO Designation
One of the top law firms in North America designated the IR Agency a Qualified Media Outlet.
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Discount National Press Release Service Now Open to Any Company

Carson City, NV (Oct 17, 2011) - Price Target Media, a Top 100 Investor Relations Agency specializing in retail investor outreach services serving public companies across the United States and Canada, has opened its discount national press release service to any company.

Citing the need for a cost-saving resource all public and private companies need, Price Target Media president, Eric Stevenson, said the decision to make its discounted national press release service availble to any company that needed it would provide the Agency the opportunity to prove itself in a non-commital manner in order to show executives just how effective Price Target Media could be.

"We felt that if companies had the use of our discounted national press release service they would not only save hundreds to thousands of dollars per month, but discover how complementing our other investor relations outreach services could be," said Stevenson.

Stevenson went on to say that most companies were inhibited by investor relations agencies, getting as many as 3 or 4 calls per week from groups trying to lure their business. But to offer something they all use at a tremendous savings - with no strings attached - Price Target Media would have the opportunity to prove itself while suggesting other retail investor outreach tools available through the IR agency when it made sense to deploy them.

"Press releases are at the root of a company's investor communications," explained Stevenson, "and to offer companies help at steep discounts is an offer most executives wouldn't ignore. We only hope that if their story is newsworthy, they might consider contacting us for our other retail investor outreach services such as email, news features, videos, audio interviews, radio or tv news casts."

Price Target Media purchases 100 national press releases per month from Globe Newswire, one of the top wire services serving North America today. The newswire was selected over others due to Globe Newswire's online reach for financial news releases, being owned by the NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc. In addtion, Cision, the world's leading media services company, has bundled their services to include specialty distribution channels and their own unique group of publications through Cision Wire which expands our overall distribution to the press and public considerably.

Terms call for unlimited word count, national distribution across both Canada or the United States and a special offer to U.S. companies to display their news on the NASDAQ's Times Square marque. Users can also add a Specialty Channel, SEO and Links to their release at no additional cost. It should be noted that Price Target Media does not mark up its cost, regardless of whether a user is a customer of the IR Agency. To read about the details, services and distribution channels, click here.

Contact: Eric Stevenson
Price Target Media
Carson City, NV USA