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News validation
More people trust news over any other media format.
Email campaigns are 48% more effective when used in conjunction with news features.
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Media Coverage

According to a February 2010 eMarketer report, editorial style news stories are trusted by 70% of readers, making news an integral part of any investor relations strategy. But getting news coverage isn't easy, though Price Target Media offers a variety of media tools to achieve results.


Did you know...
* 47% of the public, median age 52, rely on TV for news. (PEW)
* 23% of the public [affluent middle-aged] rely on both TV and the web for their daily news. (PEW)
* 13% of the public, median age 35, rely solely on the web for their news. (PEW)
* 14% of the public, the 'disengaged', have no interest in news. (PEW)
Faith in the news
* 70% of people trust the news over other forms of communications. - eMarketer (2010)
* The response factor of email communications increases 48% when news is made part of a media campaign. (World City Press) 2010
Trends in news consumption
* 35% of people still listen to the radio for their news. (PEW)
* Just as many people read newspapers as listen to the radio on a daily basis when looking for news. (PEW)
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Media Tools

investor relations media coverage News Features

Editorial style news articles get published as part of every investor relations campaign. We guarantee coverage!
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Investor relations magazine feature stories Magazine Feature Stories

Four-color, two page feature magazine stories are a great way of promoting investor awareness and they're 'evergreen' in nature, meaning you can redistribute copies again and again.
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Investor relations tv news Broadcast News

Pre-recorded nationwide TV news interviews provide broad IR exposure. Up to 20 stations coast-to-coast - in one day!
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Investor relations radio interviews Radio Interviews

Top market radio interviews, guaranteed 10 to 15 million listeners.
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