Tips & Hints

Call to Action
Monitoring the links investors click on in email can tell you a lot.
Invite Response
Email should be responsive, inviting readers to sign up or call.
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Email Services

A July 2008 report commissioned by the SEC noted that 55% of retail investors used the web to access information in making investment decisions and yet, email remains the No. 1 tool companies use to communicate with investors.


Did you know...
* Just 38% of email marketers have used email click behavior to segment their messaging. (Revelancy Group)
* During Q3, 2010, service type messages had the highest open rates (37.3%), while editorial messages had the highest click rates (7.4%). (Epsilon)
Who's reading email
* 75% of respondents say lack of relevance is the biggest reasons subscribers choose to opt out, followed closely by sending too frequently (73%). - Merkle Interactive Services (2009)
Link relevancy
* Emails with 20 or more links got about twice as many clicks as those with fewer links. - MailerMailer (2008)

Email Measurement

The Devil's in the details, when it comes to measuring an effective investor email campaign. Trading volume should be the No. 1 criteria, building upon a company's 50 and 200-day moving average.
A good rule of thumb is to expect five times the dollar volume in turn over compared to the budget allocated to an investor email campaign - though this can vary widely, depending on the current market liquidity of a company's shares.
To find out more about email measurement and our investor relations email services, please contact us.

Balanced Outreach

investor relations internet compliance While email remains the most cost-effective way of communicating with investors, the balance of compliance and transparency are key to any retail investor outreach campaign and while telling the story comes first, complying to securities regulations is just as important.
Quarterbacking Email Campaigns

Because we're the only QMO that will work with micro cap companies, Price Target Media often contracts for short-term investor relations services where we're asked to manage retail investor email outreach campaigns.
Through our syndicate of pre-qualified financial newsletters, we're able to organize effective email campaigns according to the budget allocated.
Newsletter Affiliates

Our syndicate of investor email publications offer over 2.5 million opt-in subscribers with an additional 10 million permission-based accounts. Every newsletter first went through a rigorous examination process before being added to our QMO Affiliate program. Lists were verified for authenticity, editorial style and adherence to securities regulations before being added to the Price Target Media QMO Affiliate group.

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