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News validation
More people trust news over any other media format.
Email campaigns are 48% more effective when used in conjunction with news features.
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Direct Mail Services

Response rates to direct mail vary widely, and its costly. So you need to be sure your creative is top-notch, carries a strong call-to-action and that you only use high quality targeted lists. Take a look at the various direct mail tools we offer to meet these challenges.


Did you know...
* News-like communications formats are trusted more than any other. (PEW)
* 33% of direct mail respondents will go online, if prompted. (DMA)
* 47% of adults respond to direct mail communications. (Vertis Communications)
* Direct mail response rates are higher in 2010 than just two years ago; cost factor cuts competition. (IBIS)
Size matters
* Direct-mail respondents are usually bigger investors. (Epsilon)
Dual marketing pays
* Direct mail campaigns are more effective when used in conjunction with email. - eMarketer (2010)
Institutional preference
* Institutions are more-likely to receive mail-only campaigns. (Fund Raising Success Magazine)
* Institutions that respond to direct mail, call-to-action web pages, are 100% more-likely to sign up for follow-up fact sheets and research material. (Dunham & Co)
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Mail Intelligence

magazine direct mail format Magazine Format

Four pages of media power designed using a magazine format instills trust. All campaigns are tested to develop strong call-to-action response rates.
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Investor fact sheet direct mailing services Fact Sheets

Four-color research oriented fact sheets deliver results, yet serve as follow-up material you can update regularly. A cost-effective resource, evergreen in use.
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Investor relations creative writing services Creative Writing

Tell your story using a news format, which keeps a readers interest in wanting more information.
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